Four Schools in City Proper Congested

53,880 ENROLEES EYED IN CALBAYOG PUBLIC SCHOOLS FOR SY 2017-2018Four Schools in City Proper Congested
CALBAYOG CITY – The City Schools Division eyes at 53,880 enrollees for school year (SY) 2017-2018 in public schools of the city, marking a 5.39% increase to the previous SY’s enrollment of 51,124.

During the convergence meeting of the inter-agency task force for Oplan Balik Eskwela, City Schools Superintendent Raul D. Agban informed that the Division is expecting 53,880 enrollees to flock to public schools for school year 2017-2018.

“We are expecting 53,880 enrollees in kindergarten up to senior high school come June 05, 2017. And that is only for the public schools.” Dr. Agban said.

Having implemented DepEd’s Early Registration Program for SY 2017-2018 in the last week of January 2017, Dr. Agban, in his speech, informed that: “There is no such thing as enrollment period. We had our early registration last January. So, we already have the list of school children in every classroom.”

The Schools Division Superintendent added that: “One or two weeks before the opening of classes, learners will only report to the school to submit their report card if they rally passed from the grade they enrolled in during the preceding year as well as for confirmation purposes to ensure themselves if they really wanted to study in that school.”
The figure covers projected number of enrollees for kindergarten, elementary grades as well as junior and senior high schools in government schools with many of whom are enrolled in the city proper. The number of learners in public schools, congestion of four schools in the city's downtown area will escalate. These schools are Calbayog Pilot Central School (CPCS), Calbayog East Central School (CECS), Calbayog Special Education Center (SpEd) and Calbayog City National High School (CNHS).

With the flow of traffic being the most demanding difficulty in the vicinity of these thickly populated schools, the public schools administration sought for the assistance of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the City Auxiliary Peace, Order and Security Office (CAPOSO) for traffic management during schools days.

“Majority of this learners is situated in our city proper schools. And most of the pressing problems we encounter is the traffic. Our PNP and CAPOSO can please help with traffic flow during school days that will start come June 05,” Dr. Agban appealed.

One factor that aggravated the overcrowding of the schools in the downtown area is closing two elementary schools in the villages of Esperanza (in 2015) and Naguma (in 2016) due to the peace and order issues in the area.

Further expressing concerns about the security of the teachers and learners in the hinterlands and to avoid further shutting down schools in the areas, the division schools team captain further appealed for the assistance of the Philippine Army.
In his appeal, the city schools division head said, “we are concerned about the security of our teachers and learners in the hinterlands because of the peace and order situation. The division had to close already two schools – Esperanza Elementary School in 2015 and in 2016, the Naguma Elementary School. We are also seeking for the help of the Philippine Army.”

Other than concerns on traffic congestion and the isolated peace and order issues in the rural villages of the city, City Schools Division Superintendent Agban assured that "classrooms and the teaching force are all set to start regular classes in June 05, 2017."

-, May 25, 2017

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