Nature Park & Zipline Launch On Easter Sunday

CALBAYOG CITY IS WELL INTO TOURISM:  Nature Park & Zipline Launch On Easter Sunday
CALBAYOG CITY- Calbayog City is now well into the business of providing amusement and recreation not only to its own population but also to people who are traveling for pleasure.

Its new offerings which are expected to encourage domestic tourism are a sightly landscape on top of a hill in Brgy. Malajog thick with trees traversed by a long winding trail which provides opportunity for observing the plants and living organisms that inhabit the woods, and an aerial rope-slide that originates from a platform at the tip of a ridge overlooking Samar sea and ends in an islet called Daraga about 750 meters away. The Zipline that connects the islet to Malajog beach is the first of its kind in the country.
The aerial runway is designed to enable a user, propelled by gravity, to make its way from the top of the ridge to the island by attaching to the pulley moving freely down the inclined cable.

A standby boat in the island is ready to ferry zipline riders back to Malajog beach.
Both the Ridge Nature Park and Zipline will be opened to the public on Easter Sunday (March 27) in time for the onset of summer in the Philippines. The nature park and the zipline are components of the multi-million peso Malajog Tourism Development Project, a crown jewel of Calbayog City Mayor Ronald P. Aquino's tourism promotion activities.

The sightly scenery, the breathtaking view of the pristine waters of the Samar sea from the ridge, the winding path through the forest that is rich in flora and fauna, the caves where shards of ethnic antique pots were discovered, and the trip across the water to a small island on a zipline all make for an exciting summer adventure in the city that is also known for its abundant waterfalls.

-, March 15, 2016

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