Calbayog Hopes Malajog Zip Line Will Bring Zip to Local Tourism

-, April 7, 2023
Calbayog Hopes Malajog Zip Line Will Bring Zip to Local Tourism
Malajog Beach, Calbayog City - A nature trail snaking through dense forest, climbing marble and limestone formations, and along the way stopping by pockets of view decks, and finally ending up at the tip of the land jutting out into the sea, is just half of the adventure that the Malajog Ridge View will be offering to tourists.

The other half of the adventure will be the zip line that starts from a platform at the tip of the ridge and ends at Daraga islet across Malajog Beach. The zip line is estimated to cover a distance of about 850 meters, and hopes to enter into the country’s record book as the first mountain to island zip line.

The eco-tour and zip line are all components of the Malajog Tourism Development Project which is a flagship project of City Mayor Ronaldo P. Aquino.

During an ocular inspection of the project early this month, Mayor Aquino expressed optimism on the potential of the project to become a main tourist attraction. He pointed out the lushness of the forest, the adventure of a nature trail, and the exhilarating view of the Samar Sea as among those expected to provide unique experiences to trekkers.

There is also a network of caves found in the area where some of the workers found shards of pottery along with skeletal remains of wild animals. City officials are not discounting the possibility that these might be archeological sites.

The city government has also cemented the road connecting Malajog Beach to the highway and has instituted measures to clean the beach which has been the city’s most popular vacation spot for several years now.

According to Engr. Ashley Albaña, the Project Engineer, the Malajog Ridge View and the eco-trail are parts of Phase 1 of the Malajog Tourism Development Project. The eco-trail spans almost a kilometer, starting a few meters off the national highway in Brgy. Malajog. It has a project cost of 9.4 million pesos. Phase II of the project is the construction of the zip line which will make a bid to become the country’s longest zip line.

Construction of the eco-trail is expected to be finished by October, and shall be followed by the installation of the zip line.

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