"In your case, which do you prefer? Money or Beauty? Why?'

The evolution of pageantry comes a long way - from Greek and Roman Goddesses to your nearest local beauties.

Being a beauty queen is not a walk in the park, it is more than having what is between the ears and between the legs. It entails hard work, perseverance and, most of all, to be confidently beautiful from the tip of the hairline down to the end of the toes.

Our paranoia with pageantry commenced when Gloria Diaz won the title as she would serve breakfast for the homecoming of the three astronauts who conquered the moon. It was a small step from an eighteen-year-old and a big leap for the Philippines. Since then, we have been sending our women competing for every crown imaginable - Ms. U, Ms. World, Ms. International, Ms. Intercontinental, Ms. Wah or whatever there is available.

In 1973, Margarita Moran bagged the crown in Athens, Greece among other 74 beauties of the universe.

The following year, the Philippines hosted the pageant at the infamous Folk Arts Theater which Amparo Munoz Quesada, representing Malaga, Spain and the archipelago celebrated the iconic line " The True, The Good and The Beautiful".

If indeed beauty is skin deep and it is in the eyes of the beholder, then we are all created equal and we all have to wear our crowns - be it invisible or over our heads.

We have won so many Ms. Internationals, one got married to a basketball player but eventually got snatched by a spoiled brat daughter of high ranking politician.

Of course, the unforgettable and inimitable Ms. Mimilanie Marquez who won't part with her "long-legged" among other parts of her body. She was sixteen.

Now, if you are asked a very tricky question and caught off guarded, just stare at the heavens as you might get a clue from your god and please leave the vowels if you start answering.
If you are to compare yourself to a bird, butterfly is not a good answer! One came from the egg. The other was in a pupal stage. Personally, I don't believe in Mercy Quiling (killing) as she is all bubbles.

And darling, if you dabble in visual arts, MAPEH is not a good subject. You can transfer to another discipline.
Indeed, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is confidently beautiful with a heart. A very fitting answer from a woman whose journey as a beauty contestant was a rollercoaster ride. Her reign will be etched in the annals of pageantry as Ms. Columbia was robbed with her five-minute victory.

And, of course, there was Catriona Magnaye Grey whose walk mesmerized the whole world, the universe rather, and everything always has its silver lining as she bagged Ms. World first runner up two years before the CROWN.

Now, if you ask me: "Who is my favorite Ms. Universe?” My heart will go with Ms. Leila Lopez of Angola 2011. She was ethereal and breathtaking. Her shoes are too big to fill.

The recent Ms. Universe Pageant brought the archipelago into a fit of conniption as we want to wage war against the four wicked witches lodging them with pins and needles.
The mother was actually Ten and we have to contend with Six. And forever we rant!

Helloooo Pilipiiins, hellooo Universsssse. Ouch!!!
Going back to the question: In your case which do you prefer, money or beauty? Why? Contestant: "In my cash, I prepare money, cuzzz if your money, you are beauty!"
How classic Pageantry in the barangay is. Festive and worth my patience.

I rest my case! BTW: The girl got the crown!(CJ/UN)

-, March 23, 2024

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