Nawindang ang sambayanan, bata, tin-edyer, o matanda, sa pasabog ng Philippine Cinema-landia tungkol sa paghihiwalay ng labing-isang taong pagsasamahan ng Kathniel loveteam. It happened exactly three (3) days ago, because the announcement was allegedly planned to coincide with the celebration of Andres Bonifacio Day to make sure/seal the probability of the third party (Andrea, female version, the supposed culprit in the breakup) to be outrightly known, exposed, and thereby allow for them (Andrea's camp) no room for any move to deny the accusation. Everything is a craft, a business move, which must be taken advantaged of.

Others, especially the politically-oriented and patriotically-inclined ones were disappointed why give so much importance to such "nonsense" when eto nga't lugmok na lugmok tayo at naghihikahos ang buong bayan dahil sa korapsyon ng liderato at kaitaas-taasang pamahalaan ng bayan. Bakiiit?

i am thus, taking advantage, also, of this momentous (or mishap?) event for an enlightenment and once again introduce important things as regards human facts and dynamics. Matagal ko rin munang pinagnilayan muna, lalo na ang pagsusuri sa aking sarili as i needed to make sure that i was coming from a good place, bago sulatin ang nilalaman ng loob ko. It is very difficult for a moralist to live in the midst of a chaotic world dominated by both immorality and amorality to jump into conclusions, lalo't unang-una mong isinaaalang-alang ang kapakanan ng mambabasa mo or to whoever you share your thoughts with. When you are committed to your life mission, you must likewise be completely accountable and reliable at all times.

i express my absolute admiration for Kathryn Bernardo's statement. To me, that was a perfect example of the first book ever i read, from cover to cover, after my marriage break up, entitled EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE by Daniel Goleman. So sweet and so mature a statement that was really, i must admit, for a very young lass of twenty seven (27) only and who just had one boyfriend experience at that. From her we realized maturity is not necessarily equated with age, nor maybe of experience. Pero ano nga bang malay natin sa mga sakripisyo at sakit na pinangdaanan n'ya in that eleven (11) years?

For the past year, female prominence has been started to take center stage. The problem that blocked for it to take over as fast was primarily the misconception of its context, as we are a very gender oriented society. This fact is even made more difficult by the seemingly closed or narrow-mindedness of our people for the introduction of new and more enlightening facts for human development/ascension.

Female prominence actually means, the use of every individual's right brain (responsible for relationship/s) regardless his/her gender. It is said to be our return to our original practice as people when this world was first created. For so long a time, when the male prominence, or also called left brain dominance, has overtaken this world all it resulted to was nothing but moral degeneration and decay.

The first to be contaminated, of course, by this phenomenon was the male specie who is generally left-brained. As for the right-brained female specie, they became mostly target of exploitation in effect of the brain imbalance.

Maturity calls for an ending of a blame game. It is the beginning of awakening. When one is awakened, s/he chooses to understand and heal no matter how difficult the process might entail. S/he chooses to be whole; aim for completion; and find the balance of both of his/her yin and yang or masculine and feminine to find his/her true self once again.

The third (fourth, fifth, etc., etc. kahit na pang-ilan pa 'yan) party is another story, but of the same origination. i studied Psychology to understand my aversions, because as i have said, i found difficulty in living this crazy world, that i was diagnosed to suffer from a psychosomatic ailment at the age of seventeen (17) years old, after many years of extreme loneliness and pain. True enough, "Life is difficult." so said M. Scott Peck in his first trilogy book of THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED.

But, i must say, and this is very important: i was able to completely eradicate my aversions for people, and learned to love unconditionally, by finding God who is also in me (i would learn later). God is the greatest physician of all, i have said that time and again. God is who gives everyone of us the needed balance. As a Catholic, i am consistent in my belief that when Jesus said, "I will be in each one of you.", He made true of that promise and thus, He stayed in our heart.

During those times that i was lost, (because i was ghosted by my best friend, my first male friend who my soul probably recognized during our first meeting that was why i felt something strange for him), my left brain (responsible for logical thinking) told me to get even, with boys! Revenge to avenge. i lost the best part of me for so long. If there was something that saved me (i did not go all out even for once!), it was that small voice inside of me which now i came to know as a "divine spark" inside us. Ito 'yong kasa-kasama natin para hindi tayo tuluyang bumigay, mapariwara, at maligaw sa tamang landas ng buhay.

When finally my twenty three (23) year-marriage failed, i went back to reading books to find answers to my questions, which later led me to a decision that it was the culmination of all the painful years na pinagdaanan ko.
Kinailangan kong balikan ang mga nakaraan ko para mapatawad ko sa puso ko ang mga tao doon, lalong-lalo na ang sarili ko.

Each one has his/her own unique path. The one thing i am certain about, after all that i have been through, is that we are triggered by the one we love the most para mahanap muli ang totoong tayo. Real Love does not necessarily need physical connection, because it is a soul thing.
Nobody has the power to dissolve it. It is a big part of God's plan. And neither time and space exist in a soul connection because "a spiritual bond is unbreakable." - Dolores Cannon
Hanggang sa muli, mahal kong kaibigan. Nawa'y palaging nasa mabuti ka. Iiyak mo lang 'yan kung kailangan. Bukas okey ka na naman. Pramis.(CJ/EJ)

-, January 31, 2024

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