CATARMAN, NORTHERN SAMAR – The Philippine National Police (PNP) relieves police senior superintendent (PSSupt.) Ceasar Zafiro Tannagan from being director of the Northern Samar Provincial Command (NSPC) following the complaint for sexual harassment filed against him by one of his secretaries.

At the height of the controversy brought about by the charges filed against him, Tannagan admitted to have been advised by PNP Regional Director Elmer Beltejar to get ready with defense should the case progress to filing of a criminal suit against him.

Guiltless of the accusations, as he claims, and would not know why such charges should be filed against him, Tannagan was quoted in reports to claim that “I am totally innocent about it. I also hope that my being presumed as innocent will be respected.”

Describing the complainant as a “nice woman,” and stressing his innocence, Tannagan said that he could not understand why he is made to face such accusations.

“She is a nice woman. She asked me if I am separated from my wife. We are not separated and my family is all-out in support to me.” Tannagan was quoted as saying.

In another report, Tannagan was quoted to have explained his innocence to the accusations by one of his secretaries for sexual advances. The report further wrote about Tannagan saying that hitting illegal gamblers caused him (Tannagan) to face such controversy of an attempted rape case.

“Hindi yan totoo, ginagawan lang ako ng istorya. Posible doon sa nasagasaan ko na llegal Gamblers kaya ako nagawan ng istorya,” (That is not true, they are just making a story about me. It is possible that it is about hitting illegal gamblers in that area that I am made to face such stories) Tannagan said.

Tannagan further claimed about doing well in the functions of his position as provincial police director particularly in operations against illegal gambling and illegal drugs.

Initial reports about the sexual harassment case against him, Tannagan was quoted to tell about the dismissal of a case against him with similar nature of harassment. (CJ/JMM)

-, August 24, 2017

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