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• Solane introduces its mini-1.4kg cylinders which are the safer and more sustainable alternative to illegally-refilled butane canisters and charcoal fuel.

• The mini-LPG tanks will be available in Calbayog and Catbalogan cities in Samar.

SAMAR PROVINCE — Leading LPG solutions provider Solane is launching safe, affordable, and portable mini-LPG cylinders in the cities of Calbayog and Catbalogan in Samar on November 8, 2021.

Available in 1.4-kg cylinders, the new mini-LPG tank is a safer alternative to illegally-refilled butane canisters and a more sustainable fuel substitute than charcoal or fuelwood.

Retailing at PHP 170 per refill, the small but reliable mini-LPG caters to budget-conscious households, renters, small businesses, and others who need safe and clean cooking fuel during unforeseen situations or emergencies. A versatile cylinder that can be used for both LPG and canister-fed cooking stoves, the mini-LPG also serves as a safer alternative to LPG-refilled butane canisters which the Department of Energy (DoE) described as a "serious fire hazard".

Solane assures that just like it’s Verified Solane LPG products, the mini-cylinder upholds the highest safety standards the brand has been known for over the years.

Each mini-cylinder is equipped with a high-quality auto-shut (AS) valve which has a built in ‘auto shut-off’ feature that prevents product leak.

Additionally, the mini-tank has a collar handle for better grip and portability, making it handy for outdoor use.

By introducing its small cylinder product, Solane also further provides a more sustainable alternative to fuelwood or charcoal.

"Use of charcoal or firewood for cooking poses risks to the health of consumers, causes degradation of forests and harms the environment in the long run. With our small LPG cylinder, we give our Samar consumers access to affordable, safe and environmentally-friendly kitchen fuel,” Isla LPG Chief Executive Officer, Ruben Domingo said.

“We added the mini-LPG cylinder to our portfolio to provide a more convenient and cleaner cooking fuel to more Filipinos in any way or form that suits their needs. As we announced this launch in Iloilo, Antique, Capiz, Aklan, and now in Samar, we will soon provide updates on the possible succeeding rollouts in other provinces nationwide."

Solane’s 1.4-kg variety will be available in authorized Solane showrooms in Calbayog City (hotline no. 055-209-1430 or mobile number 09977411576), and Catbalogan City (mobile no. 09771317660).

-, April 7, 2023

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