Strokes of Life: The Aris Ventures Story

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Photos of Artworks from Galerie de Manille/Aris Ventures
Strokes of Life: The Aris Ventures Story
His art is not just a feast for the eyes; it delivers a larger sense of purpose, through every gentle stroke of his brush and intricate attention to detail: “Burning with passion, love, and dedication for his homeland.”

He found a sense of purpose and a profound love for the natural world, through his God-given abilities, he harnessed its power to make it his quest, to be able to make a difference in his own difference with every stroke of life.

Aris’ creative pieces were born out of the grim reality the world is facing. His artistic work dives more than the realm of aesthetics, for it delves deep into the reality of social consciousness and environmental advocacy.

With every brushstroke, he masterfully navigates his way through the blank empty space of cotton and linen that speaks of the fragile relationship between humanity and nature, carrying through an impending doom if the world ignores the cries of the planet everyone calls Home. One name stands out among the others in the fascinating world of art, where creativity knows no bounds and imagination takes shape.

Hailing from the stunning lands of Samar, visual artist Aristole "Aris" Reveral Ventures made a name for himself in the creative world of art, his mesmerizing style, the veracity of his unique style, is truly not something one should miss.
Strokes of Life: The Aris Ventures Story
AN ARTIST AT HEART: Born Aristole “Aris” Reveral Ventures to Alberto Reveral and Anatalia Reveral on September 19, 1975. But was subsequently adopted by Romeo Ventures and Simplicia Reveral. The youngest of six children, Aris was characterized as a passionate and enthusiastic kid with a love for artistic expression.

Aris hails from the “City of Waterfalls,” the city of Calbayog, a thriving community that can be found on the Western portion of the province in the island of Samar.

One could really say that Aris’ talents flowed like the immaculate beauty of Calbayog’s stunning natural landscape.

As a child, young Aris found solace and inspiration in the works of legendary homegrown Waray artists like Raul Isidro, one of his uncles who happen to be a highly recognized international Filipino artist.

“Marami kasing visual artist doon sa Calbayog na nagpalaganap ng kanilang talents, especially in Visual Arts.” he said.

“Nakilala ang Samar dahil sa mga naunang institution ng arts and culture doon sa Calbayog,” Aris continued.
“Maraming na-inspire sa kanila, isa na ako doon. Maraming mga artist pa ang na-inspire sa kanila.” he added.
Aris began competing at a young age, as young as during his elementary days.

“May kilalang art competition noon ang Jollibee,” Aris quips.

Reminiscing about where he started as an aspiring artist back then, he utilized these competitions and workshops as training grounds to hone his skills and stimulate his imagination, brushstrokes became a dance, a harmonious choreography of skill and imagination, as he embarked on a lifelong journey of becoming an artist.
Strokes of Life: The Aris Ventures Story
He expressed his gratitude for his family while talking about his inspirations. Especially the fact that they gave their support to him wherever possible.

“Even though kahit kulang sa finances, kasi kapag sinabi mong visual arts, kailangan kaagapay o kaakibat no’n na kailangan may pang-bili ka ng art materials,” Aris recalls.
Claiming that it was hard for a family with five children to sustain, to incur expenses for expensive activities such as the arts, he devised workarounds or compromises through innovative ways in a creative fashion to pursue his dreams to the best of his abilities.

In 1992, during his high school years, he, along with other peers formed the Balangau Artists Society, from the root word “Balangaw” which is a local term for rainbow, with a twist. Instead of the conventional “W” they switched it off with “U” to add to the group’s uniqueness.

“Kasi may mga grupo na “W,” iba’t ibang grupo sa theatre, dance group, sa writing.” he said.

Aris continued that “Ginawa naming “U” para if you hear it, it refers to ranges of colors, pero pag basahin mo, group of Balangau, group of visual artists.”

To this day, the Balangau Artists Society is still active.
During this time, he participated heavily in workshops as a symbol of his will to pursue his dreams despite a wall standing between him and those dreams. Aris is not alone in this struggle.

“Out of hundreds of children [that participated in these workshops], maybe half or less pursued being an artist today,” he said, pointing out that due to financial struggles, they are forced to fight for or give up these dreams.

“Kung gusto mo kasi magpatuloy, kailangan mo gawan ng paraan. This is a testament that pursuing this line of work will not be easy. Kasi kami hindi kami huminto eh. Kapag may invitation from other cities or municipalities, tinatanggap naming kahit walang pera,” he added.

Aris and some of his fellow artists looked for sponsors that could fund their entry and expenses on competitions.
Strokes of Life: The Aris Ventures Story
Crafting an Artistic Identity: “Nagsimula ako sa realism o yung realistic art, kasi ‘yun naman talaga yung basic,” he said.

“Ngayon, unti-unti ko na-develop yung aking identity. Nag-cubism artist ako,” emphasizing that he desires to challenge himself to new heights.

Through his unparalleled dedication and love for the craft, Aris started experimenting and mixing, and matching different genres to create an entirely new one. As his knowledge and experience enriched his abilities, Aris experimented with various artistic genres and techniques.
With countless hours of threading through canvasses, he soon sought, though, to forge his own niche in the art world. This inspired him to create a new genre that is entirely unique to him. It is called “Diaphanous Cubism.” Accepting its distinctive difficulties and enabling him to play around with different shapes and sizes, essentially allowed him to create a new perspective. By combining the fragmented forms of cubism with the ethereal quality of diaphanous art, Aris' innovation gave rise to his signature style, diaphanous cubism.

He later added a new signature genre called “Environmentrick Art," with the goal of showing the beauty of virgin forests and untouched landscape of his hometown.

“I want to be remembered as the artist from Samar who showed the province’s beauty.” he said.

“Like me, I’m from Region VIII, so pinapakilala ko kung ano.” And on top of that “Kaya ginawa kong Environmentrick Art, may tricks sa environment, kung saan tayo kukuha ng idea,” him essentially saying that the Philippines has a lot of things to brag about, and one of those is the immaculate landscape that remains untouched and should be protected.
Strokes of Life: The Aris Ventures Story
For Aris, art is a potent tool for social change as well as a means of self-expression. He dedicated himself to showcasing the beauty of his hometown and his country. He uses his artwork to highlight the rich natural beauty of the Philippines. The way of life, rural settings, and natural wonders that characterize Aris's nation are captured in his works of art.

By incorporating these components into his work, he hopes to foster pride in and appreciation for the community while inspiring other artists to embrace their own heritage and make a positive impact on society through their creative endeavors.

The Full-Time Artist, while some artists experience creative blocks, Aris Ventures is seen as a source of inspiration. He approaches his creative process with a methodical yet intuitive approach. His work is guided by patterns and pre-planned color palettes, and as he paints, he skillfully incorporates titles and stories into each piece. Aris's imagination seems limitless, possibly because of the mystical beauty of Samar and the supportive environment that fostered his early artistic interests. As he constantly adds finishing touches and improvements to his works, he brings every idea to life.

As Aris's reputation grew, he made the leap to becoming a full-time artist. Something that he was hesitant about. However, with the rare opportunity of having an art gallery catering to his artworks, he found an outlet for his creations, securing commissions, sales, and opportunities to showcase his artwork.

His incredible output and disciplined work ethic enable him to meet the demands of his profession.

Producing up to 30 artworks a month, Aris thrives as he immerses himself in his craft, focusing on materials, collectors, and buyers. While the path of a full-time artist has its challenges, Aris embraces his role and finds fulfillment in sharing his creative vision with the world.
Strokes of Life: The Aris Ventures Story
Being a full-time artist in today's competitive art world requires not only talent but also strategic navigation.
For those not fortunate enough to be represented by an art gallery, artists must seek out collectors and establish connections within the industry.

Aris acknowledges the role of social media in expanding his reach and connecting with potential clients. However, he also acknowledges the challenges that arise when demand slows down, and the livelihood of his family becomes a concern.

During these times, artists often indulge in commercial art avenues, such as creating designs for tarpaulins and apparel, to sustain their artistic endeavors and family.
Reflecting on his journey, Aris shares valuable advice for aspiring artists. He emphasizes the importance of humility and gratitude for one's accomplishments. Aris fondly recalls his uncle's wise words: "Always put your feet on the ground," a reminder to remain grounded despite achievements.

As a teacher, Aris seeks to support and nurture his students, encouraging them to flourish in their unique talents. He believes in the power of inspiration and encourages his students to find their own artistic voices and make a positive impact through their art.
Strokes of Life: The Aris Ventures Story
Through his unparalleled dedication and love for the craft, Aris became more than an artist. He became a beacon of inspiration, a testament to the power of unwavering commitment and the transformative nature of art. His journey continues to unfold, his art evolving and leaving an indelible mark on the artistic landscape. With every brushstroke, he shapes his legacy, forever engraving his name in the annals of artistic greatness.

He is currently working with his wife, Marichu, who has been incredibly supportive since they first met years ago. They work together on making art pieces as they have become their main sources of livelihood.

“Dapat nandiyan ka lang, supportahan mo siya, maging inspirasyon ka sa kanya” Marichu explains as a wife of a full-time artist.
Strokes of Life: The Aris Ventures Story
A Recognizable Legacy: Aris graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology with a major in Architectural Drafting at the Northwest Samar State University. He took a computer course with AMA Computer College in Cebu. He also tried pursuing a Bachelor of Laws at Christ the King College. However, due to financial constraints, he was only able to make it into the second year. Additionally, he took ten units of Education, which allowed him to teach art classes at senior high school levels.

Aris used to teach at the Calbayog Arts and Design School of Eastern Visayas (CADSEV) and has been teaching at the Sacred Heart School since A.Y. 2020.

In 2001, he was invited by the Avelino Foundation to an international art exhibition called “Tugahan nga ladawan sa isla san Samar” which was held at the Philippine Art Center in New York City, USA. Which ultimately demonstrates that he is not just a local artist, but a potentially internationally recognized one as well.

He inspired tens, if not, hundreds of people particularly in his hometown of Samar, his peers, and his family. His works of diaphanous cubism and environmentrick art have become his trademark and are easily recognizable to his fellow artists.
Strokes of Life: The Aris Ventures Story
Through his uncommon methodology and innovative style, Aris has established himself as an artist that is worth remembering. Known among his peers as someone who can easily make a transition from one genre to another, he has mastered the art of his craft further solidifying his name.

In every brushstroke he makes, he engages audiences, letting them interact with his art like how they would interact with the real world, a world in which he embodied a lasting impression that transcended heights due to his passion and desire to make a difference.

Boiling down to his own family and peers, Aris’ is characterized as someone who is methodical and who still innovates to try something new. His unmatched dedication and burning passion for the pursuit of his career are truly an inspiration for many.
Strokes of Life: The Aris Ventures Story
A Glimpse of the Future: Looking ahead, Aris continues to explore new horizons in his artistry. His present theme intertwines futuristic environments with the realities of natural calamities brought about by our ever-changing climate. He envisions his art as a vehicle for raising awareness and instigating meaningful conversations about environmental conservation. Aris believes that his creations should not be limited to aesthetic appreciation alone but should convey powerful messages and inspire viewers to act.

Aristole "Aris" Reveral Ventures, a visionary artist who hails from Samar, has established himself as a true luminary in the realm of “diaphanous cubism” and environmentrick art. From his humble beginnings to becoming a full-time artist, Aris's artistic journey reflects resilience, passion, and a deep-rooted love for his homeland. Through his unique style and powerful message, he brings attention to the natural beauty of the Philippines and serves as an advocate for environmental consciousness.

As Aris Ventures continues to push boundaries and inspire others, his artistic legacy will undoubtedly endure, leaving an everlasting imprint on the world of art.

In a world where art speaks volumes, Aris stands as a beacon of creativity, reminding us of the transformative power that lies within artistic expression.

“May mga exhibits kami na naka-line up until December. Pero at the moment, that’s the most I can tell you,” Aris concluded. (CJ/UST)
Strokes of Life: The Aris Ventures Story

-, June 14, 2023

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