Some years ago, I visited my aunt at her home. She was the last surviving sibling of my father. She was 79 years old at the time, I think. Her husband had just died a couple of years back. She looked glad to see me. Although I was glad to see her too, I also felt sad.

The meeting was a very poignant moment for me.
You know, one of those times you feel two opposite emotions at the same time. She just came out of the hospital a week before my visit for what doctors said was a mild stroke. Thank God she got over that.

However, she looked so weak and frail. Although she’s up and about, every move she makes takes her so much effort and every move is accompanied by “ahhhhs” and “ohhhhs.”

I can’t help but think that although it may still be sometime yet, one day I will be in the same predicament. But what struck me most was the thought that she might pass away any time soon without being able to practically enjoy life.

She was very frugal almost to a fault. Rarely would she go out with friends, travel, see a movie, eat out or go shopping, etc. The only time she went out of the house was when she had to see her doctor or go to the drugstore to buy her maintenance meds, buy groceries and supplies at the local supermarket, go to Church or attend some family gathering, which was not too often.

During that visit, she intimated that as soon as she fully recovers, she would do some things differently and start enjoying herself. While stuck in her sick bed at the hospital, she probably realized what she had been missing all along. It was too late though. She passed away less than a year later without fully recuperating from her mild stroke.

Once again, it gave me the realization that we should live for the moment; enjoy life while you’re able; do whatever makes you happy; make yourself relevant and be a blessing to others, so when you’re finally at the sunset of your life, you can look back and honestly say “I HAVE NO REGRETS”.

-, March 23, 2024

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