Wrote this on the 13th with the Happy Hearts' Day (popularly known Valentine's Day) due the next day. And yup, my timing is intentional, kasi nga nauuso ang pangungutya sa mga desperadang kabitenya raw. Sa ganang akin, gusto ko palagi silang bigyan ng decency because they remain to be human beings na naliligaw lang ng landas. "There is no sin big enough not to be forgiven."

I was merely eight years old then, but i already knew how to appreciate physical appearances in those times when it was not yet as rampant as now. i do not exactly know why, but i felt like i was ahead, so much ahead, of everybody else's time back then. Like, i knew i had someone out there regardless how he looks. Going back now, i greatly think i was only romanticizing the idea because the truth has always been with me - that my focus of study will be regarding relationships - friendships included, of course.
Every kind of broken relationship brings me pain for everyone involved every time. For a time, especially during the early part of my marriage break-up, my first thought was that it has something to do with my woundedness and disappointment of a shattered dream. Now it is very clear to me that it has got nothing to do with any of that. Sharing with you the clarity of my understanding as an effect of my reading last December 2023.

To quote:


"Have you ever dated someone and thought they were the ONE but in the end, it didn't work out?

You would be surprised to know how many people confuse karmic relationships with finding the ONE, their twin-flame or soulmate (as Love is a soul thing). This happened to me more than once. And it was heart breaking (every time), to say the least.

It all starts with this strong and passionate attraction between two (2) people.

They fall madly in love, and everything seems to be out of the ordinary. But after a while, things start to go south, an avalanche of pain and drama engulfs the relationship and what once seemed like a fairy tale has turned into a nightmare.

Karmic Relationships

Everyone has a certain frequency (the vibratory oscillation rate of the atomic and sub atomic particles in your field) which ranges between 50 - 150 Ghz. Frequency is extremely important because of the Law of Resonance which states that: depending on the frequency you have, you will resonate with people, places, times, things, and events that have similar (if not identical) frequency.
Two (2) people do not get together and stay together unless they have the same or very similar frequency.

Karmic relationships are relationships in which the frequency of karmic imprints become the determining factor that attracts two (2) people and later create the dysfunctional relationship dynamics that later sabotage the relationship."

Written by a male writer, i suppose, this totally got me as my interest lies heavily on the logical side of my brain, to balance out the heaviness of my right side that brought me so much pain as i went through all those "hell."

The writer's explanation of the intricacy of the karmic loop in relationships does not however, end there. I intentionally made this pause for a little while to make sure that the general idea of break ups is basically about the choice of energy which is the main factor that is involved in the creation of a frequency.

For quite some time now, the main drive of advocacy has been about raising our frequency through our vibrational modality which primarily involves our energy choice. But it has unfortunately not gotten that much of our people's attention, especially in this part of the planet, because the seeming focus of attention is how to get rich, popular, and/or powerful. Most prayers consist of those. Trust me.

To continue:

There are numerous factors that determine your relationship frequency, but one of the most influential factors are karmic imprints and the emotional pain body. If you look closely, you'll realize that people in a relationship are usually playing opposite sides of the karmic imprint spectrum.
Polarity-based Attraction

Let's say that you have karmic imprints of not being worthy of love. Based on the frequency of this karmic imprint, you will most likely attract a person who subconsciously believes s/he is incapable of giving love or opening his/her heart chakra a.k.a. energy center.
Both the karmic relationship and polarity-based attraction are merely temporary attraction based merely on feelings at and of the moment which are not definite by nature. Walang dapat ikinababahala tungkol dito lalo na't pabagu-bago naman ang emosyon. Why does it bring so much chaos to people concerned, especially in a triangular set up?
"Evil is whatever distracts." - Franz Kafka
Marriage happens when two (2) people agree to do so, for varying reasons. They make a vow to stay true, or maybe not, but regardless they try their best to stay together in sickness (including mental and emotional, not only physical) and in health, which is the ideal.
For a certain period of time everything seemed alright. Until one uneventful day when a distraction must come in between them to stir their otherwise calm situation, which actually was just a test to see how they cope, but they were challenged big by: will they give in and break away or choose to stay? Dito na nagkakaiba ang desisyon ng bawat-isa sa isang mag-asawa. We cannot control how people think. We can only control our own self.
If one is distracted by someone whose main agendum probably is to destruct the marriage vows of a couple, then walang magagawa ang isang maiiiwan dahil hindi naman n'ya hawak ang pag-iisip ng umalis na asawa. Ang tanging maiiwan sa kanya ay ang gawin ang nararapat n'yang gawin na naaayon sa moralidad o tamang kaisipan ng isang matinong tao.
"Evil is whatever distracts." Huwag na huwag kang sumama sa pagtalon nila sa kung saan man nila gustong mahulog o pumunta. Create your own path no matter how hard. You have loved ones who are looking up to you for inspiration. Never fail them. For what is love without sacrifice.
In this New Age, so they say, i still maintain my otherwise conventional thinking. i am happy to continue to be. Why so? I have tried as much as i could to learn, re-learn and muster (believe you me, ang daaami-dami ko na ring na-unlearn!) important things not just to carry me through but most importantly to raise my vibration and up my frequency.
True love is found deep within each of us. Sa istoryang mag-asawa at kabitenya, balikan natin 'yong sabi nila na: "hurt people hurt." Kung tanggap mong isa ka sa kanila, well then, magpagaling ka. GOD IS THE GREATEST PHYSICIAN. "An gugma naton san Ginoo, tinikangan san kinaadman..." goes a line in one of our Church songs. Nobody is devoid of intelligence. Lahat matalino. Ang nakakabobo ay ang mga hindi kaaya-ayang emosyon dala karamihan ng mga sugat ng nakaraan at ang mga mala-higanteng mga pangarap na ewan lang kung para saan. "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth..." Matthew 6:19
"A person is capable to love only as much as s/he loves him/herself."

-, March 23, 2024

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